A Brief Introduction!

Hello to anyone reading this, I’m not sure how you’d of found this blog but greetings none the less! This post is mainly just here to serve as a place holder and test out how Jekyll (the platform I am using to power this blog) works.

This blog will mainly be aimed at techy things, I’m a big fan of FLOSS and try to use it where possible, I assume I’ll mostly end up writing about things of that nature but may stray towards other tech type topics when the mood strikes me!

Occasionally I may write about other topics that interest me. I am undecided if I’ll break those posts out into a different blog, a different section of this blog or whether to just jumble it amongst the other posts, but I guess I can tackle that when it comes to it, for now it’s fine the way it is. If I do choose to write about other topics I imagine it will be either about music or old video games, my two other passions.

Anyway a rather lengthy post to say hello to the one person who maybe one day will see this and to test out Jekyll which I am currently loving, the simple markdown work flow is definitely for me! I think my next task is to write a script (most likely in bash) that gets the files up to the VPS where this blog is hosted easily and to get Jekyll to automatically process them, maybe a topic for a future blog post…

Anyway nice one, take it easy!